Top 5 Personal Domain Name Uses

personal domain names

Have you ever considered having your very own personal domain name? Consider the Top 4 Personal Domain Name Uses that you can implement for yourself. Domain names are used for more than just websites and in the list below we will explore some additional uses. 

Take a moment to search for your full name on your favorite search engine. What shows up in the first page of listings? Depending upon how common your name is you may not find any of the listings in the page that actually are you. If you happen to share a name with a famous person you probably won’t show up for several pages. Often the listings that dominate page one of a search results page are social media profiles. 

The internet has been the great equalizer giving much of the population access to more information than they ever thought possible. It has also given small businesses and individuals a better opportunity to get found in a world dominated by big brands and celebrities. You can plant your stake on the world wide web with your own personal domain name.

In the paragraphs below we will explore some of the things you can do with your own personal domain name. 

Creating a Website

We will start with the obvious use of Creating a Website with a domain name. A website can serve many different purposes when thinking about personal domain names. For those that have their own business in their name it can be a website to generate business for themselves. You can also create an online resume for yourself to display your work history, education and skills. 

Maybe you like to write and share information about a hobby or other interests you may have. A blog is a great way to share your thoughts with the world. You can even monetize your blog and turn it into an income. WordPress is a popular blogging platform that you can use your domain name to create your blog. 

Redirecting to Social Media Profiles

When you buy your personal domain name you can use it to redirect to your favorite Social Media profile. After you purchase your domain you can easily redirect it to any url you choose. If you are building your social media presence on Facebook just redirect your domain to You can only redirect to one profile at a time per domain name. For example if you are trying to build your Facebook and your Linkedin profiles buy the .com and the .net versions of your name and direct the most important profile to your .com and the other to the .net.

You can put your personal domain name on a business card or just use word of mouth to direct people to your profile. Use your new personal domain name in your email signature to drive people to your main social media profile. If you have a copycat profile posing as you when you send people to your domain they will end up on the correct profile. 

Personal Landing Page

A Personal Landing Page is a great way to collect all of your information in one convenient location. What you share on your page is up to you. If you are in sales you can use this page to provide all of your contact information for prospective customers. You can include your professional information and credentials for your field of expertise. Its your page so you can include as much or as little information as you choose.

Another great use for a Personal Landing Page is to post your resume if you are looking for a new job or career. You can showcase your talents and accomplishments to help you land that next gig. Again, you are in control and can share as much information as you choose.

Personal Email Accounts

Getting a great email address that makes sense gets harder all the time. Sometimes you have to add numbers or additional letters just to get an available email address that is not taken. If you have your own domain you can create your own personalized email address. There are paid and free email services that will let you use your domain name for your perfect email account. 

You can even create multiple emails for different purposes. For example you might use hello at for your personal use and info at to give out online for your junk type email. Also, keep in mind if you are using your work email from your company and you have personal accounts set up with it if you change employment you will lose this email. Having your own personal email keeps you in control of your personal accounts.

Protect Your Identity or Your Ideas

Having your own personal domain can help protect your online identity. For example if you own your domain name someone else can’t snap it up and impersonate you online. A scammer can use any domain to impersonate you but by owning your own name you can make it harder for them to do so. When you share your redirected domain name with others you can help them get to your correct information vs some random website or profile.

Have you ever had a great idea to solve a problem or to create a new product? Domain names are created every hour of every day. The longer you wait to claim the relevant domain for yourself and or your idea someone else may register it. There are millions of domain names that have been registered and your perfect name may already be taken. If you think you may one day have a need or use for a relevant domain name, don’t wait to buy it. Domain names are not expensive and if you have that million dollar idea you are really going to want the right domain name.

Domain names have many uses and are not just relegated to business cases. The examples above are just a few of the ways you can use a personal domain name for yourself. Domain names are not expensive and do not require an extremely technical background to use them. 

If your name is still available especially as a .com you should grab it. The yearly fee to own the domain is about a dollar a month in most cases. Click here to see if your name is still available for purchase.